AHG Bulk Entry for Badge Completion

I’m trying to find out if there is a way to do a bulk transaction to mark a badge as “complete” without selecting each requirement. We don’t enter the individual requirements as completed, but rather, the entire badge, once it is finished. As the Troop Advancement Chair, I need to be able to mark a badge completed for multiple girls, but I don’t know which optionals they completed to earn the badge. I thought that I had found a way with the “All Requirements Completed” checkbox under the Record Progress (Bulk) option. Logic would dictate that doing so would only mark the requirements complete for the current level. When I did that, however, it marked every single requirement for every single level as completed. There was no warning, or detailed explanation, that this would happen. Maybe my logic is faulty in assuming that checking All Requirements Completed would do so for the girl’s current level only. The only way that I have found to mark a badge as completed without selecting requirements is to go into each girl’s account, which is more time consuming. It would seem that the only way to perform bulk entries for badges is to either mark it complete for all levels (which is incorrect), or choose all of the requirements, but again, since there is a choice of optional requirements, I do not know which ones the girl has completed to earn the badge. It’s very frustrating when you have a large troop and have to enter each badge individually for each girl, especially when a lot of our girls a lot of badges throughout the year.

Is there a reason that this is coded this way? I can’t think of a reason why we would want to do this (mark all requirements at all levels as complete) for AHG. Of course, I may simply be missing an obvious reason, but isn’t it possible to create an option where we can just mark a badge as complete without going into each girl’s individual record (which is what I’m having to do now)? I don’t even need to have individual requirements checked off - just the ability to mark a badge as completed for multiple girls.