Bulk assignment for user data

I just imported my pack’s information from TurboNet. I am delighted at some of the things that were automatically populated such as household relationships. I’m sure almost every pack will need to review such information for things like differing last names or Scouts with the same last name as another, but it’s a heck of a lot better than having to do it all.

That said, I went to look at how to assign Scouts to dens and “levels” (ranks) and found nothing other than editing the scout, changing the information, then moving on to the next one. Considering this is a one time process I would be willing to deal with this, it’s not a huge issue, but when you’ve got 40+ scouts it could be a pretty significant time sink.

Could we perhaps get a bulk edit page where we can select a list of users with checkboxes and then a list of fields that can be modified? The fields I see that make sense would be Den, Level, Registered Member (checkbox), Cell Carrier, School and maybe even Notes.


Hi @JamesBrandon,

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If you go to Manage > Dens, you can drag and drop scouts into the appropriate dens.

Combining all of these into a bulk edit feature sounds like an interesting tool. Before our developers will consider this feature, we need to see some more input from the community. If you know any other TroopTrack users, have them voice their support on this idea.

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Based on this question…

…we also need the ability to do bulk-changes to School Grades.