Bulk entry of service hours

We’d like to know how to enter service hours in bulk…can it be done? I see the bulk entry for badge work, but not service. We often do all-troop events and it would be soooooo nice to be able to do this all at once instead of each girl individually…


We do this under the Event Details page, Attendance, Record Attendance. There’s a column marked “Hours” that holds service hours. If you enter a number into the box in the heading, it adds that number to every person. Then you can change individual people (e.g. someone arrives late or leaves early, so doesn’t earn as many hours) by typing in another value in their box.

Also note, the hours listed on this page are not added to a girl’s totals unless she’s ALSO marked as having attended. So, by using the hours box at the top which enters that number in EVERY row, you’re not giving service hours to girls that didn’t even attend, even though it looks like they have hours entered…

AHG MN0200


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Thanks, Sam. Your reply was a little cut off, but I want to be sure I understand what you are saying. We have been entering the hours in the Advanced Tab of the event when it is added to the calendar. What I was hoping for was a way to automatically have those hours be credited to those who attend. I see the solution @schwammrs gave and we can certainly do that. Better than adding hours individually! But, it is one more step and we have different people planning the event and then recording attendance so the attendance person won’t easily know the hours earned.