Can Service Hours be entered in BULK?


Is it possible to give a group of girls service hours for one event that they all attended and all for the same amount of time?


If this was a Unit scheduled event where the service hours were listed in the event details then yes. You go into the event after and record attendance. If you want to add outside participation there is not currently a way I have found to add that in bulk.

Ok. So, it has to be Unit specific, not Troop-wise?

And the service hours need to be added to the event when the event is created, yes?


It has to be on the TT calendar, the youth involved need to be invited to the event, then you go to Attendance, Record Attendance/RSVP’s, select the girls who attended the event, you can actually add the hours on the Attendance/RSVP’s page even if they were not listed in the event details first then select Update Event. I know your group uses different terminology for the levels so when I said Unit schedule I just meant on the TT calendar as an event.