Bulk Transaction ease of use

During the bulk transaction process, on the page where you select all the accounts to transfer into, the save button is at the bottom. This can require quite a bit of scrolling if your are only doing a few accounts and not all of them. Can we make this page quicker to use?

Maybe rearrange the accounts list below the “Amount/Payee/Description/Date/Categories”. If you have a long list of accounts you have to do a lot of scrolling. Moving the list below would also allow for more columns instead of just one per type (Scout/Adult/Troop) and less scrolling. Another space saver would be to allow users to show either the Name or Nickname but not both.


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Hi @WPera,

Thanks for you suggestion. Please change the category of this post to “Ideas” so we can consider this feature for development. I’m not sure if a lot of scrolling is a big issue for many of our users, but that’s why we post these requests in the community. Once your idea has gained some support from the community, our developers may consider it.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing what the community has to say about your idea!

Moved to Ideas


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