Transaction Category Transfer

Currently, there is no way for an end user to consolidate financial transaction categories. Old existing users like ourselves have hundreds of tags as the fields used to be freeform. Now that they are drop down based; there is no way to consolidate them without going into individual transactions. Picture that I may have one category called “Camping Fee” and another called “Camping Fees” each with 100 or more transactions.

Adding a feature that allows for end users to transfer transaction categories would allow us to clean up our data and make for better reporting, and make my life a LOT easier. Please consider this a “must have” for those of us with data and financial reporting needs.

I support this idea

Paul G. Starrp.starr@mediacombb.net563-320-3765Live Long & Prosper

Added to the list.


Can someone from Troop Travk comment on the status of this addition?