Scout account import

We have 60-70 scouts with accounts, and just want to use the Scout account amount as a lookup/reference for the scouts & families. We have a spreadsheet that has the totals, so want to export data, and have it updated on TroopTrack quarterly (or monthly) if easy to do. We have explored options available, and while we admit we can update the data manually, we want a way to automate this so it is painless/easy to do. The Money | Create Bulk Transaction works for global updates, but we have different amounts for individual scouts, so each scout would require a form entry/save. Perhaps a modified bulk form where you could list the scout and a balance entry form, e.g.
Scout Name 1 $_____
Scout Name 2 $_____
Scout Name 3 $_____

So the list could be filled out, and bulk save could be used. Hopefully it is also obvious that making humans do work fit for computers is kind of last century. There should be an easy way to import/export data for customers.

Thanks for your consideration.
Kermit Komm