Calendar, Ability to Invite Groups/Mail Lists is Missing

I no longer see the ability to invite Mail Lists (referred-to as “Groups” in the Calendar function) to calendar events.

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Hi @jjeffery,

That’s because with “dynamic meeting invitations” you can only invite using patrols, individually, or in mass (the in mass being “everyone”, “adults” or “youth”.

The dynamic meeting invitations doesn’t have the functionality of using your custom mailing lists, but it utilizes the patrols that exist on your page instead.


David Keener

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Thank you for the quick reply @Keener-Trooptrack. That is an unfortunate and significant loss of functionality. There are many circumstances where we invite groups other than patrols. For example, Philmont crews being invited to planning meetings and shakedown weekends. We now must choose each of their names individually for each event. It increases the chance for error (leaving someone out) as well as additional work for each event. Please reconsider your decision to remove that functionality.


There are many other threads in the community about this. Make sure to do a search and add your Like and “Me too” comment so TT knows this is a needed feature to add back.

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