Can't invite by mailing list any more?

I’ve just started settings up some meetings for the new year and discovered I can’t invite by mailing list any more. The options are to invite by Role, Patrol, Leadership Positions, Adults, and Youth. We have several ad-hoc mailing lists such as all the scouts and adults planning to attend our high adventure trip next summer. Prior to the last major update to TroopTrack, I was able to invite by mailing lists. Am I missing where that is or is it no longer available?

Currently with the TroopTrack Setting to Use dynamic meeting invitations… set to on you will not see your mailing lists available as options for inviting members. If you turn this feature off you will get those back however then new members will not automatically be invited to events and you could see duplicate members under events. TT is aware of this and are working to add that function back with the Dynamic meeting invitations. There are a couple different articles dealing with this issue.

Thanks, Aaron. I turned the feature off, created the meetings I needed and used the mailing groups for the invite, then turned the feature back on.

Thanks for the workaround Aaron. This was really ticking me off. I guess TT is still working on this?

I haven’t seen any updates on this particular request so not sure where it is on their list of items to work on.