Event Members UI similar to Mailing List

The “New Mailing List” form makes it easy to select a bunch of people with checkboxes. The Member tab for Events is much slower, since autocomplete must be used. When there are a large number of people, I can’t just look at the unchecked boxes to see if someone was missed. I looked into creating another Patrol, but that interface is just as slow.

Please add checkboxes to the Members tab for Events, so a subset of users can be invited easily. Thanks.

The old UI has the ability to select individual members with sliders, you can change your settings to disable “Use dynamic meeting invitations. Without this, new members will not automatically be invited to existing events”, it does then create the problem of new members not automatically being added to events and member duplication in events but it does give you the ability to select individual members more easily.

With the Dynamic Meeting invitations setting the UI for meeting attendees was greatly simplified and since the vast majority of events include whole patrols or everyone it was left simple.

I don’t see “Use dynamic meeting invitations” in the TroopTrack Settings. Am I looking in the right place?

Yea that is the correct page, I have seen one other time where a group did not have the option, I am guessing if your group signed up for TT after that option was implemented you aren’t given the option to go back to the old way.

I guess I will have to stop suggesting people try the old UI.

Typically the way it works for Ideas is to see if the Community provides feedback saying they support this idea then Dave will consider adding it to the development schedule.