Default invite EVERYONE to an event

When I add events to the calendar, they are added to the calendar, and I expect that people can see them, BUT if I forget to “invite people” to the event, I’m the only one who sees it. If I’m authorized to add something to the troop calendar, I’m trying to add it for everyone to see. How frustrating to be under the impression that everyone is seeing our calendar of events (especially when I spent HOURS creating it!), but I’m the only one who has access to it. By default, the calendar should invite everyone. For those limited occasions where you don’t invite everyone, you can change it. AND, I did a series of 18 events, customized each and every one, and then found out NO ONE WAS INVITED! Now I have to go in one by one to update each event. Beyond frustrating. Why can’t I go in and invite everyone at once? I don’t want to lose all my customization!!! It’s ridiculous that everyone wasn’t invited to begin with.

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