Calendar Idea or Survey?

I have a leader who sent me the email below wanting to know if TT had something that did this. For background information, our troop as moved our Pi/Pa’s to the new Team model that has been recommended by National. With 21 Pi/Pa’s they are split into 4 different teams. We’re running into some scheduling issues where a team will schedule something that more than one team is invited to, but then we need to clear dates with families from involved teams.


I really like the idea of using TT for scheduling the events and and speakers, but is there are way to use it more of a “placeholder” for the “in the works” event dates that the girls and coaches could see if they check (would be our responsibility before picking a date to check this), but not all get the invitation until the plans are confirmed with various parties involved? For instance, this past Monday night, the Embers picked April 21 to work on Nature & Wildlife at our local Nature Reserve. As coach of that team, I am going to send an email to team parents asking them to confirm that date works esp. since they are spending a decent amount of money, ask for 2 deep parent leader volunteers, and a driver. Then I will check with the instructor and see if that is a good date for them (I know it’s in their range of availability, but no guarantee on that day working for them). I wouldn’t want the event to go on TT with invites until things are confirmed, but a placeholder that all teams could see would be awesome so that other teams don’t plan on that date.

Is there anything that would do what she is asking, except just creating an event. Trying to work out in my head if we could do a sign up sheet for something like this, but I’ve not come up with a suitable way to do it yet. :wink:


I think creating an event and just not sending invites or reminders will do the trick here. You don’t have to fill in every single detail, just give it a name, event type, tentative location, start and end date/time, put never for invites and reminders, and just select the team or members who you would like to go. Create the event and that spot is reserved on the calendar.

This external website might help you find a meeting time that fits the schedules of lots different people:

I use it all the time.

I think that’s what we ended up deciding to go for, just use the calendar feature w/o filling in all the information. We’ll edit it later as needed or change it.

I am going to look at that I ran into it by accident the other day when looking for something completely different. Thanks!