Den Calendar (with sharing)

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Is there the ability for me to create a Den calendar so that way our group can see all of our den meetings and it does not get mixed into the Pack calendar? I see that there is a pack calendar and I was easily able to subscribe to this.

Can I produce a similar option for our own specific den? So our den meetings, and group events are visible to just our den and those who receive the link?

Ideally I would like to also be able to get a feed so that people do not have to login to the TroopTracker website to see everything. Having them be able to see things on Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple, whatever will hopefully improve our ability for them to read it.

Thank you!

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This has been requested in the past and is not currently possible. The subscription link includes all calendar items. While on the website they have the option to only view items they are invited to but that does not apply to the calendar subscription link.

Thank you for the update. That is tough news. It is quite hard for our parents to keep track of dates as it is. I was hoping that I just missed this as a hard to find feature.

I have looked and some are 3 years old. It is hard for me to believe that the Scoutbook can make this work, but TT can’t. It would be a matter of when a Den is created a calendar is created for that Den. The overall Pack calendar aggregates the Dens/Patrols. I have the TT cal integrated on my phone as well as most of our families and there are 6 den meetings a week and only 1 applies to them. It creates calendar clutter. Asking families to use the website is not productive as they already have a calendar on their phone they can use for an instant view.

Good Afternoon Aaron,

Thank you for your hard work on this site. Can you let me know if there has been any update on this? This is a feature that can really help create effective calendar usage in a pack/den setting. I would really like to use and promote more of TT usage for calendars in the same manner we used SB for den calendars.

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This is not something that has been implemented. Perhaps the TT staff can give some insight into weather this is a possibility? @Tyler?

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I am writing to see if there is any update on this? I did not really see anything yet @dave

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I’ve added it to the scope for TT4.

That sounds great thank you for the update and your hard work.