Joint Troop Calendar Sharing

We have Trail Life and American Heritage Girls troops that meet together and have quite a few shared families.

We would love the ability to share a calendar.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on how that could be done?

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Ohhh, I’m interested in this as well. We plan to work together and share events so this could be quite helpful.

Our charter working at taking on a TL group and we will have families that are in both groups. It would be nice to have a way to only share certain events. With an AHG troop our size, we have a plethora of events for all ages. It make make things a little crazy for our TL families who either don’t have a girl in AHG or have to wade through our entire calendar.

I am looking at signing our Cub Pack up for TT as our Troop all ready uses it and this would be a great feature. We are chartered by the same orgainization and many families cross groups as well as for scheduleing.