Calendar not showing events

Calendar events entered last week, into the future dates, are not showing on the calendar after being entered (events entered historically are still showing). Each time I have to click the “All Events” button for them to pop up, but then they go away when leaving calendar then returning. I have not change any of my calendar settings.

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It sounds like you are not invited to those events, if your unit calendar settings under Troop Settings, Webmaster Tools, are set to default to Family Events, My Events, or RSVP’d ‘Yes’ you will only see those events. If you have admin rights and did not change it perhaps someone else did. If you do not have admin rights ask a Unit Admin to change the default back to All Events.

I’ve run into the same issue. I just added a couple new events in July, but neither appear on the calendar when Family Events (our default) is selected. Everyone in the troop is invited to both these events. I see them when I choose All Events or My Events, but they disappear when I choose Family Events. Myself, my wife, and my son (a scout in our troop) are all invited. When my wife logs in, she only sees the events when she chooses All Events – the events don’t appear under Family Events or My Events.

Events that were already on the calendar are not behaving this way.

I just changed our default to All Events so the events are visible without adjusting anything, but I would like to get the default back to Family Events.


Hi @MarkNoll,

TroopTrack has been alerted of this issue, and our tech team is working on a fix. We just got another user who had this issue later last week.

David Keener


We are having this issue as well. I just noticed it today.


We are having the same issue as of Oct 7, 2020.

Is there any update to this ticket as it has been an ongoing problem since late June?

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Same problem here. I’ve not seen anything in my Family event section since we started with troop track in Oct.

I just noticed this issue today when I added a new event, is there any update or fix for this?

I think this is related to have “Dynamic Invite” settings turned on.
I just enabled ours for our unit and I noticed the issue as well.

Any update on getting this fixed? This issue means our newsletters are blank - since upcoming events that people were invited to are not showing up. This essentially defeats one of the major reasons for having a web site - to make people aware of what’s going on. If this can’t be fixed, we will need to look elsewhere as our membership keeps complaining they’re not notified and don’t see upcoming events. (yes, I know there is a way to click “all events” - but families want the weekly newsletter or quick link on the website to see their upcoming events)

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In case you didn’t see this above, here’s a work-around until they get the bug fixed – have someone with admin privileges access the settings menu (gear at top center) and go to Edit Troop Settings – Webmaster Tools and change Default Calendar View for All Users to be All events.

Thanks! This seems to be working (although of course, a couple people now complain they are seeing too many events… ugh, we can’t win.) Appreciate the guidance.

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