Calendar notifications keep repeating

I created a calender event two weeks ago and set the invites to send at fourteen days and the reminder to send at four days. The invite went as planned at fourteen days out. At seven days out, a reminder was sent. Then another at six days and everyday since. I checked the event to see what I had done and the Reminder field had reset to the default blank. I changed this to four days, thinking I must have forgotten to set it. Two more emails have been sent since then and, after a check this morning, the Event details, again, show the Send Reminder field at the default blank setting.

Essentially, my troop has received a Reminder email everyday since Sunday. Is there some way to prevent this from happening again?

Thank you!

Hi @RobynGinther,

May I ask which date the event was on so I can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Yes, the date of the event is August 7th, 2016. I entered the event on
July 23rd, I believe. I hope that helps.

Thank you!

Robyn Ginther