My event scheduler won't send out emails

I’ve set up a one time event with an RSVP needed. For who’s invited, I checked “Everyone” and set the event to send invites “Today”. That was at 6:00am this morning and as of 7:00pm (13hrs) no invites have been sent out.
After 13 hours, I updated the event to send invites to “Scouts” “Adults”, “Leaders”, and “Parents” and then turned off the invite (set to “Never”), saved the event, then went in and reset invites to go out “Today”. Still no invites sent out.
Using the “Everyone” distribution for other emails / communications normally sends out messages as expected.
Am I missing something?

Fixed the problem - Deleted the original event and recreated a new vent. All notices went out almost immediately.

I’m having this exact same problem. I don’t want to delete the event though because there are a few people who have RSVP’d even though the invitation never sent. I assume they saw the event on the calendar and did the RSVP. Any ideas what the issue might be?

Similar issue. Invites to meetings were not sent out according to the distribution list this week. This was successful in the past and seems to be a recent issue. Also, the distribution list (invitees) as shown in the event details has duplicates. I’ve double checked the groups that were selected for distribution and no duplicates are found. I even have a deactivated member showing up in the invite list as well. Please advise.

Had this happen on a second event. It was a relatively new posting and I had no RSVPs yet so I did the same thing - deleted the original and reposted. Notice then went out well.
In both cases, I believe the original calendar event was created and saved without an invite or RSVP date. These were then added after the original record creation.
Wonder if the notices only go out on the original post and not on any updates?
This would make sense if you’re talking about updates to event time, location, etc. I assume you would just send an email to invitiees on that directly. However, the same idea wouldn’t apply to the “Send Invite” function.

So are you saying if an event is set up without RVSP and send invite originally then the system was built to assume emails will be sent manually? So if we want the original RSVP sent do we need to remake the event?

That’s how it seems to be working for me on these two occasions. However,
that’s a pretty limited sample so I don’t know how true that generalization