Calendar sending out too many reminders for events

When I put an event in the calendar, I set it to send out 2 notifications. One is usually a month or at least a few weeks out, and then one would be a reminder a few days before the event. I am finding that more than 2 notifications are being sent out. Sometimes I go in and change the wording/description of the event, and that seems to trigger an automatic reminder being sent out that I don’t intend. Is there a way to stop that?

Hi @JuliaGardner,

When you update the wording on your event, it sends out a new email to reflect the new wording. You can press “Never” under “Send Invites when” and it shouldn’t send a new email. Just the reminder for whenever you set that for.

Let me know if you run into any other questions!

5/2018 - I’m having this exact issue. Sending 2 notifications when it’s set for NEVER. It’s becoming an issue. Can this be fixed. Soon please.

Can you let us know specifically which events have been doing this for you? If they are sending notifications when they are set to never, then that is a bug that we definitely need to fix! Thanks in advance!