Calendar Question

We have a calendar question. I’m not sure if it’s something we are doing wrong or if we are missing a permission or something else. And honestly, we’ve never really had an issues or problem until now.

We have a calendar even that a board member (we’ll call her Suzy) sets up. Suzy sets up the event with a limit on number of RSVP’s allowed. When Jenny who is a leader and has calendar add/edit/delete privileges, goes in to RSVP after the deadline she goes in under the Attendance button and changes her daughter’s RSVP status there b/c she can’t do it from the calendar event itself. The space under their daughter clearly says that registration is closed for this event. What we discovered today are a couple of things that we’d like to ask about:

  1. The event “scheduled by” changes to the person who went in after the RSVP date. Should this happen? We discovered this part b/c people began emailing the wrong person about the event.

  2. If there is a cap, and the attendance is changed from that tab, the cap is over-ridden and you can have more than the limit. There is no way to know who RSVP’d in what order. Is there a way to see the order of RSVPs somewhere else?

  3. Is there a way to allow leaders to create events without the ability to go into the tabs and have access to changing things like the above mentioned stuff after the event has been set up? Or limit what they can change/edit?

We really want our leaders to be able to add events for their squads to the calendar. Any ideas or thoughts on how to address this without taking leader calendar privileges away? Has anyone else discovered this or had any problems with over RSVPing b/c of this feature? Most of my parents are not tech savvy, but some times parents/leaders just start clicking and they discover things by accident. Not sure if we’ve had a few leaders who figured things out by accident and are now able to use this to their advantage or it’s pure dumb luck that they did it by accident. :smirk:

I did some testing and here is what I found.

  1. Yes, the scheduled by does change when someone goes in and adds RSVPs manually through Attendance - Record Attendance/RSVPs. I suppose the system sees this as an edit to the event so changes the Scheduled by. This seems like something that could be changed if the TT staff thought it would be a benefit to a large number of users. Perhaps create an Idea for this and see what kind of community support it gains. I would certainly add my like to such an idea.

  2. Yes, this is by design so Admins can have options to do what ever they need to. No, there is currently no RSVP order that I have ever seen or found.

  3. No, they can either edit the Calendar or they cannot, the idea of more granular permissions has come up and is being considered however would be a major undertaking.

I have two thoughts one would be to be up front with the leaders and tell them that because they have the ability to edit events they are able to override some things however we all want to be good citizens in our usage of TT and not affect events that they are not in charge of, and if they do then there is the possibility they will have the privilege taken away, my second though is limit the number of people that have full edit access to TT, yes, that creates more work for fewer individuals but can save headaches. It comes down to how much of a problem it is.

Yes! That confirms everything I’ve found as well. Thanks!

We have a few leaders who love to plan and want to utilize the calendar for their events. It was easier to let them in the past do that. Now that we are seeing this problem popping up more often, it may be something that the board takes away from leaders and has a dedicated calendar person to take care of those kinds of things.