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Hello All -
I’ve seen quite a few ideas submitted around RSVP functionality, but one thing I don’t believe I’ve encountered is a suggestion for being able to see the time/date a person has RSVPed for an event.

I don’t think this is necessary to be shown by default on the UI as it probably would end up being very busy and cluttered, but a recurring use case, when we suddenly see RSVP numbers go up and don’t necessarily have a good way to see who the latest additions were.

We have several events (like Summer Camp) that require RSVP on our site and then require a secondary registration. Our Summer Camp coordinator can’t easily tell who were the most recent +5 in the event page, so even a way to click a “RSVP log” and see a log of RSVP activity (yes, no, changes of response, etc.) would be incredibly helpful.

If something similar exists, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading and for the consideration!


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Yes I’d like to upvote this. That is very useful if we need to prioritize it. -Dean

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Agree! This would be very useful!

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Agree this would be useful, along with some more detailed reports on events in general.

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Agreed. I had a number of scouts register last minute for summer camp

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@AaronStorey - curious if there has been any thought given to this request. It seems to have interest from others.

I find myself having to hunt for who’s the new RSVP pretty consistently.

Thanks for the consideration, and have a great week!


Piling on to this one. The only way I have found to stop last minute RSVP’s is to close the event but then people cannot pay once the event is closed. Yes, you can force payment at the time of RSVP but that creates other complications in real life. I have found I can force a registration limit. This prevents adds to the RSVP but (as what happened this week), we had an RSVP drop which allowed another kid to add. Since TT doesn’t tell anyone about RSVP changes AND unfortunately neither do some of our parents we now have a schedule conflict. In some cases it doesn’t matter - 31 Scout is 31 Scouts. However, when the event has classes scheduled with prearranged choices with age limits…or meals already planned by patrol with the appropriate food restrictions… or carpool arranged it is a real pain to deal with. I know TT can’t fix all of this but an alert when an RSVP changes or even date and time stamp would help.

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Adding another upvote to the timestamp idea. I oftentimes do the “hunting” for recent RSVPs as well. Would be a very nice feature if paired with the waitlist idea here:

This feature is coming very soon.

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