RSVP time/date stamp

Hello All -
I’ve seen quite a few ideas submitted around RSVP functionality, but one thing I don’t believe I’ve encountered is a suggestion for being able to see the time/date a person has RSVPed for an event.

I don’t think this is necessary to be shown by default on the UI as it probably would end up being very busy and cluttered, but a recurring use case, when we suddenly see RSVP numbers go up and don’t necessarily have a good way to see who the latest additions were.

We have several events (like Summer Camp) that require RSVP on our site and then require a secondary registration. Our Summer Camp coordinator can’t easily tell who were the most recent +5 in the event page, so even a way to click a “RSVP log” and see a log of RSVP activity (yes, no, changes of response, etc.) would be incredibly helpful.

If something similar exists, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading and for the consideration!


T636 SM


Yes I’d like to upvote this. That is very useful if we need to prioritize it. -Dean