New members and calendar invites - what happens to RSVP info?

Hi all - as we’ve discovered, there is the issue where new members don’t receive invites/reminders to previously scheduled calendar events. I believe that is being worked on. The work around is to remove the invitees, save, then add all the invitees back in, right?

My question is does this wipe out all the previous RSVP data that was collected on the event? That would be unfortunate, and I’m afraid to “experiment” to find out. Has anybody tried this, and what was the result?


Hi @cubmaster165,

I just tested it out. Doing this should not wipe out the RSVP’s you already have.

You are correct, though, we are working on the solution for this (Membership Resolver).


I’m having this issue today so was this never corrected? The new girls aren’t showing up on the Calendar events already created as invitees unless I manually re-invite everyone and save. :frowning:

Hi @WhittneyHoyler,

With the dynamic meetings invitations setting (which I see you have turned on) new members will be automatically invited to old events, however; I see you have some events that were planned the old way.

This way was buggy, and so new members won’t be automatically invited to those events because it was using a different way of planning. So you can replan those events, or just re-invite new members to those events. (You’ll know it’s an event planned the old way because when clicking on that event, “actions” and “edit” there won’t be a “members” tab when creating/editing that event).


David Keener

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