Can a user opt out of receiving emails or texts?

I’ve been trying to find a spot where a user could opt out of email or text but can’t find it anywhere. Does it exist?

Hi @PrestonKorn,

For texts: Communicate > Text Message Settings, Opt out of Texts toggle.

You can’t opt out of all emails necessarily, but you have some options. Click your name then Email Preferences. Or you can decide not to include an email, or you can tell us and we will put an email address on a black list (no emails from TroopTrack at all).

Thanks for asking!

Hello. Yes, I did see that. However, that seems to be just communication from trooptrack. I’m thinking more about communication that gets sent out from our unit. For example, can a person choose to receive text msgs vs email? Can a person choose to receive just a once a week digest of what got sent out that week? Can a person choose not to receive the event notices? My question is more about individual control over stuff like that?

Hi @PrestonKorn,

As an individual, no. We do not offer that level of control for the individuals because many times, Troop Leadership wants to have the say over that.

Thanks for asking.

Another solution we employee for people who may have email addresses but we do not treat as “regular members” is to have a few custom lists:
Troop XXX Families

Troop XXX Families (XXX is unit number) is used for mailings and excludes people like district/council people you may give access to but are not regular attenders.
RSVP is a list of pretty much the same and excludes external Merit Badge Counselors you may frequently use or alumni or such and that is what is used for all “open invitation” events like Troop Meetings and general campouts.

This has 2 benefits, limits spam to outsiders and does not add a bunch of names to non-RSVP list who would NEVER signup.

Another technique we use is to place their email address under “Notes” and remove from the email field.

Ron Barber

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