Opt out of receiving troop emails

When we sync the member list, all member information is transferred to the troop track. Each household has both parents email address. One parents typically handles the calendar and the other parent does not need the troop track email.
Is there a way for the parent to opt out of troop emails either from the email or on their profile? If not, what other options does the parent have so they are not receiving emails?

Hi @JulieGoodwin,

You can click on your name and press “Email Preference” to not receive emails. You can also remove the email address form the parent or place it under “Secondary Email”. We could also put it on our do not contact list (but they will never get TroopTrack emails again unless we remove them).

Check out those options and let me know if you have any other questions!

For @JulieGoodwin’s specific case, the parent that doesn’t want to receive email should REMOVE their email address from their PROFILE.
That person will no longer receive email from TroopTrack.
However, if you ever forget your password, you will need someone to put your email address back in your profile so that the password reset email message can be sent.

Does this stop all emails immediately? I’m wondering if the person who wishes to opt out will still receive emails on events that were created prior to their info being removed. Thanks.

I’m not sure about that one. It’s hard to test. If they want to stop receiving emails immediately, you can just tell me the email address and I can handle that. But I will also have to manually undo it if that user ever changes their mind.

Thanks! I will wait and if needed will request that later.