Recording Individual Service Hours for Troop Service Projects

Before the new change we used the Record Attendance/RSVP page to record girl service hours for troop sponsored service projects. This was really nice because not all the girls always earned the same number of service hours due to arriving late, leaving early, etc. I do not see that available any longer? I see where we can add a set value of service time for an event on the Advanced Tab but I am assuming this amount will apply for any girl that we check present at that event? Will we have to enter the hours for each girl individually now from their own tab instead of being able to enter each girl’s hours from the one form/location? Thanks for your help.

Hi @EricaCleveland,

When you put in a number of service hours for an event that only changes the maximum service hours possible for that event. So if for that event the maximum number that could be given is 10 hours, then no-one for that event can have 15 hours of service. This doesn’t give that amount to all the people who attended the event. You must still record the service hours by clicking on that event in the calendar > details > Attendence > Record Attendance/RSVP’s . This will allow you to input the amount of service hours that each member who attended earned, rather than going to each profile individually and adding those.

Sorry for the long wait time on this question,

David Keener