Can transactions be transferred to a different money account?

I created an event which has a fee. I selected one money account but later, after people had already RSVP’d, decided I wanted it to go to a different money account.

Can I move all of those transactions from the initial money account to the other one?


Manage > Money > All Money Accounts, go to the account that has the money but shouldn’t and hit “Transactions”. New Transaction > Transfer Money. You will need a date, description, amount, and the account to transfer to.

You can do a separate transaction for each user or you can just transfer the total amount that everyone has paid. That’s up to you.

That did not really work the way I had hoped. I had to re-type all of the information for the transaction I wanted to transfer. A new transaction was put in the money account I wanted but the original transaction is still in the previous money account. So now it seems to get rid of it I have to delete it.

What would be better would be for each transaction under the ‘Action’ pulldown there would also be a “Transfer” option or inside the “Edit” option you could pick a new money account to place the transaction.

As it stands now, if I do the current process for each transaction, there are to many and it will take too long. If I do a bulk one and then delete the others I am afraid I am going to lose knowing who owes what.


Is there a way to just transfer the existing transaction without having to retype it all, as you describe above? We accidentally created different accounts wihtout knowing that they would not show up in the Primary Troop account and now have to re type like 20 transactions. It would be less time consuming to just check the entire transaction we want to transfer or even merge with the Primary account.
Thank you

Hi @CO1912,

There’s not a way to transfer the existing transactions. If the transactions were created only in those accounts, then you’ll need to do what was described before.


David Keener

Ok, thank you.