Merge Money Accounts

Our troop is new to using the money accounts. We currently have a money account per scout but would like to have just one money account per family. Is there any way to merge two money accounts into one?

It is probaby just best to transfer the money from the closing account into the new account. That keeps your data trail. YOu can then link then members to the single account.

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It does not appear there is a way to merge two accounts into one.

In the case of families with only a single scout you can change the name of the account to say “Last Name” Family, then change the owner to one of the parents. As long as they are all part of the same household the other parent and scout can see the account and use it to pay for things. I could not find a way to transfer all transactions from one account to another so perhaps just transfer any balance left in an account and then close it. Unless one of the admins has a way to do this you could change this to an #new-ideas category to see if others might want this functionallity.