Event fees not transferred correctly (maybe?)

I have an event in TT setup to require payment to RSVP. A Cub Scout Pack account is selected in the event details, meaning the account does not have a listed owner.

When a member RSVP’d to the event, the event fee was transferred from a different Pack account into the Pack account listed in the event details. The only priviledge the user has is to upload photos, so they could not have been able to select any other account.

This was the first member to RSVP for the event, so I RSVP’d as well to test it further. I verified on the payment screen that my scout’s account was selected to pay out of those funds, yet a similar thing happened. The funds were transferred from another Pack account to the event account. which happens to be set as the default for the funds to transfer

The Receipt page says “Payment Method: Money Account Transfer”

I finally got the transactions to work as I anticipated, where an RSVP requires payment via transfer from the individual scout account into the event account, but I had to set both default money accounts (for shopping cart payments and for event items) to the same account used as the event account. While this works for this event, this does not allow one to setup two events with payments going into different pack accounts.

Maybe I’m using the feature incorrectly?

That was done specifically, the funds are transferred from the individual account into the Default Money Account then into the Event specific account or the Default Event account depending on which way the event is setup. The Event can be setup using it own specific Account or just use the Default Event account as set from the Online Payment Settings page. We set ours to General Account and Generic Events as the defaults then if an event has its own account we set that in the event. We use the $ in front of the name to sort the list the way we want.