Keep event out of attendance report

We put events in our pack calendar that will never be attended by anyone. For example, we did not have a meeting this week, so we put an event in the calendar called “NO DEN MEETINGS”. We want the system to send out email reminders, but because it’s in the calendar, it show’s on each boy’s participation as “Did not attend”.

Is there anything that can be done so that it does not show on the participation? I have tried editing the event after the fact and unselecting everyone in the “Who’s invited” box, but that does not make a change. We want to keep the event in the calendar for reference in the future, so deleting it is not an option for us.


Not right now, but we have a feature in the queue that may solve this problem.

Non-event calendar items. This will be for notes like yours and for birthdays, etc, but won’t require attendance.