Non-Event Calendar Entries

I’d like a way to designate calendar events that should not appear in itinerary and upcoming events panes on the dashboard, newsletter, etc. This would be used for non-event calendar entries like school holidays and other things we add to the calendar so leaders know to schedule around them.


Please add this feature…it would be a great help when planning events and meetings!!!

I just came to ask for the same thing. Please add this option

I support this feature as outlined above. It’s a clean and consistent way to manage long term planning and is needed very much.

One possible workaround is to not invite anyone to these type of events, then apply different calendar filters to display/hide these. Additionally, you can setup a new calendar event category for “info only” type of events so they show up in a different color and allow for other reporting options.

I liked the idea before, but now I am at a place where I need to be able to put this info (school calendar) into the Troop Calendar, for planning purposes.

Maybe you could put another option under the Plan tab: “Add a Note to the Calendar” (or something more brief than that).


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I fully support this idea. _ Good Thinking!

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Now that I have added a few of these to the calendar, I definitely would like to be able to hide them unless I needed to see them. They really clutter up the display.

Hiding them in the Year at a Glance would be good, too.

That’s right - I am asking for a feature, and also the ability to hide the feature. That makes me think that I haven’t fully thought this through. :slight_smile:

Maybe there could be another icon somewhere that says “Hide/ Show Calendar Notes” or something like that. Or maybe there is a better solution out there that a programmer can come up with.

This feature is now on the todo list. Ticket #2369.

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Thank You. I advocated heavily for our troop to use TroopTrack so that I could subscribe to the troop calendar and now I don’t even subscribe because they have added too many “informational” dates that I don’t want/need on my personal calendar.

Any updates on this one? We have some public holidays missing from our calendar and it would be great to also add school holidays.