Change/remove scout address and use household address

I inherited our TroopTrack account for our pack and I’m not finding where to edit/remove a scout’s address that may have been added before we used households?? Please help me understand where I can go to change or remove the existing address on a scout (not a household) because I don’t see it when I click edit next to basic info or contact info.

Hmm the only way I see to do it is under households. So just to clarify, they do not have a household set up with their name?

They do have a household with the correct/current address. The scout shows the old/incorrect address.

Sorry I read your reply incorrectly. The only way to change it that I can see is within households. Maybe remove them from the household and add them back?

I would suggest contacting via e-mail. Give them the specific Scout name so they can look. I am only aware of Households as a way to edit addresses but perhaps at some point in the past there were other address fields for an individual that is still hanging around. The staff can go in and look.