Change Certificate Name

Under Certificates->Training, please modify the following:
Change “TSAR COQ” to “Call-Out Qualified”

TSAR COQ is a group specific qualification with a 1-year expiration. In order to make this less group specific, please change the name to “Call-Out Qualified”. If other groups use different expiration durations, we may want to modify the name to “Call-Out Qualified: 1-year exp.” or something similar.

Hi @JamesARussell,

I have changed TSAR COQ to “Call-Out Qualified”. Let me know if that looks right.

Thank you!

Please also change the following:
BBP to read "Bloodborne Pathogens"
ICS 100 to read "FEMA IS-00100.b: ICS Intro., ICS-100"
ICS 200 to read "FEMA IS-00200.b: ICS-200"
ICS 700 to read "FEMA IS-00700.a: Introduction to NIMS"
ICS 800 to read "FEMA IS-00800.b: Introduction to NRF"
ICS 809 to read "FEMA IS-00809: ESF #9 Search and Rescue"
IS-00120.A to read "FEMA IS-00120.a: Intro. to Exercises"
Remove “(SMC)” from ICS-300 and ICS-400 and add “-” between ICS and # for both.

Yes, that looks correct. Thank you!