Teminology Difference

The Manage then Squadrons option creates a terminology difference for CAP units. The way it is now it reads Manage Squadrons and it looks like we can have multiple squadrons in one squadron. That is like having multiple Troops in a Troops.

TroopTrack would be used by an individual unit known as a Squadron (much like a troop), Instead of Patrols we would have Flights. Alpha Flight, Bravo Flight, and so on.

Hi @shunsa1,

I’ve requested that this change be made to the terminology. Thank you for pointing it out. It’s tough for us to know how to fix it and make it better until we get feedback like this.

I will keep sending in info until you tell me to stop. I am very
interested in this working for our units. We are starting to discuss this
in our best practices meetings with other units. If you guys wanted to
setup a conference call to discuss how CAP works and let me share my screen
to show you the tools we already have just email me direct. We can set
that up.

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@mlsully2002 Please schedule a call for next week.

I’ve changed “Squadron” to “Flight” as suggested.



Hi @shunsa1,

What is your schedule like next week? We’d love to set up a call. Will you please email me at matt@trooptrack.com?