Change Email/Newsletter header?

Is it possible to change the graphic in the header of the news letter to something personal to our unit?

Go to Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings and go to the TroopTrack Settings tab. There is a link in the bottom right called “Edit Your Email Header Image”, click it.

You will be able to upload an image as your new email/newsletter header (must be 600px wide) from here.

I hope that helps!

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Does it have to be exactly 600 or can it be less?

Must be exactly 600px.

We changed the e-mail header however when sending a message from an e-mail client using a magic mailing list the custom header is not used. Is this expected behavior?

It would be nice to know in layman’s terms what we need to do for 600px. The average person doesn’t know what to do to make that image exactly 600px.

I resized an image to 600px (exactly). I used a .jpg and a .png. Both were under 800kb. I tried to upload and the error message said, “image must be 600px”. Any suggestions?

If you have a MAC computer, just right click on the image, and open with “color sync utility” and it’s fairly straight forward from there. Not sure how to do this on a Windows computer though.

I got the top header. Color Sync on iMAC doesn’t resize. I had to copy the image at exactly 600px and save it as an image file. Then I uploaded and it worked. But the bottom header is still there. Not sure if it can be replaced or not?