Adult Leadership Position Changes not showing in Manage Units


When I import my troop info from AHGconnect, I can see new Adult Leadership positions and dates (an Adult Member is now Troop Treasurer, for example) in the individual’s TT information, but in Manage Units, their old titles still show up under their names. It’s minor, but would be nice if you have time to fix this.


Judy Riordon
Troop Coordinator
AHG Troop MD0714

HI @TCMD0714,

For each leader they’ll need to have an end date for their old position and a start date for their new leadership position, then their card will reflect the position that is still ongoing.

Is there a specific user who this is happening to?


David Keener

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Maybe it was a refresh issue (though I did exit and return once yesterday) because today, all my leaders I was concerned about [in particular Caitlyn Buttaci and Mary Buck (the adult)] are showing their correct, current leadership positions in the Unit view.


Judy Riordon