FIXED: Meeting Schedule Interface - some comments

Hello. I hope all is well with you during these trying times.

In my opinion the interface for meeting schedules can get confusing. After saving, the whole list comes up. I understand it is there to potential edit or delete specific instances. I have a few suggestions on this interface to make it less confusing.

The first suggestion would be in regards to the delete during that process. When you press delete, and then give confirmation, only the class “card-header” disappears, leaving the bottom of the card (class=card-body). The user is left wondering, “Did it delete?”.

My next suggestion would be to make this list much more compact, and only open it up for details if one wishes to view or edit details for that specific event. One suggestion would be to put the meetings in a compact table format with option to reveal child rows as in this datatables example. At the top level, I’d give an option for delete as well. More reasoning behind this below, but it’s to make deleting a lot of events less cumbersome.

The reason I ran into this could be another problem that could be fixed programmatically.

When I went in to edit a meeting schedule there is a big red alert saying this will apply to all future events. That is good, no need to change the past. So I made the changes, saved and continued. I had assumed that it would only change the future events. Well, it did do that. But it also created all new events going back to when the meeting schedule was first created. I had assumed the function would ignore those past events. In a sense it did, it didn’t touch the past events that were already there, it just added all new ones. So…I had to manually delete a bunch of past events.

On my second try, I changed the date of “Schedule First meeting” to start on the first future date.
I didn’t change anything else and found another issue. The “repeat how many times” now counted from that new date and added a bunch of future events way into the future that I wasn’t expecting. So…I had to manually delete a bunch of future events.

So this leads me to this edit interface. I suggest having the default content show up with the “Schedule First meeting” set to the next future date in the schedule, not to the original first meeting date. Also, I suggest incrementing the “Repeat how many times” number down by the amount of events that have already passed from the very first start date. This should save folks quite a bit of time doing what I was doing.

I hope this makes sense.

God Bless


Thank you for the feedback. Thank you for the detailed screenshots and great explanation. I was able to confirm everything in your post. I will need to get this over to our tech team to sort out and fix.

I will keep this post updated. I have just changed the title of this feedback post to “Pending” and put it in the “TroopTrack bugs” category.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @PrestonKorn ,

The bugs you were experiencing have all been fixed. Let me know if you have any questions.


Woohoo! Thank you.