Checklist Ideas!

Hi everyone!

We’ve heard some ideas about Checklists and we would like some more input before we proceed with any development.

How do you like the current checklist system?
What would you like to see changed?
What would you like to see added?

Again, thank you all for using the TroopTrack Community! I look forward to hearing form everyone. Friendly debate is welcome!

Have a great day!


I mentioned this in a previous thread, but maybe having a way to NOT automatically email members when checklists are created?

Also this may be a feature but I’m not sure, but could we assign members to checklists but not give them the option to check themselves off (like make them read only for certain members)? For instance, if we have a checklist for permission slips needing turned in we would like the option for only certain people to be able to check it off that they handed it to a leader. This way someone isn’t just checking it off without turning it in (for instance they may check it off when they fill one out, but then forget to hand it in). If this is a feature already sorry!


I was just playing around trying to make a checklist that would have multiple things to be checked off per person. For example, in this case, I would like to be able to track the completion of the many and varied registration/membership tasks in one place: paperwork, training, payment, etc. It seems that the checklists are only intended for a single item to be checked off. Is that correct? Is there a way I can create one with multiple “dimensions” as I describe?

It would be great it have that as an option.



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