Checklists - entering completed by household

Just starting to use checklists. Have made a separate checklist for each of the many forms we collect annually (medical, permission, Parent pledge, troop tranport, etc.). I would LOVE to be able to access a families checklist assignments and just check off everything they have done. Usually, these come in all together by family rather than type of form. I LOVE making a list for each form and having people reminded to turn them in. But, when they do turn them in, for me to into each checklist and update each form for each person is a little cumbersome. I would love to open a household and see all their checklist assignments in one place where I could just check them all off at once.



Hi @GambrillWagner,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack Community!

Being able to use checklists on families or households sounds like an interesting idea. Let’s get a little more input from the Community and see if we can get some more support for it.

Thank you!

How do I drum up support for this?! Seems only one person has liked it… This would REALLY help us out.

Well this post has had 30 views and no comments of support over two months. We may still develop this at some point, but the silence by the community tells us that we shouldn’t divert attention from things that a lot of people want for something that just one troop wants. At least not at this time. If you know anyone else that uses TroopTrack, you may ask them to come and support it. You could also rephrase the request and give a few scenarios that may better attract peoples attention.

Great idea!!! that would be totally helpful.

I support the idea as well

I would love to comment on this. However, I’m looking for instructions on the purpose of the checklists. It’s a little confusing.
@mlsully2002, I would love to see something like @GambrillWagner suggested, but the checklists need to be defined somewhere, please (user guide).

Otherwise, this is what I see from Mr. GambrillWagner’s suggestion.

Checklist for something that has many tasks/steps to be done by many people. This would cover the registration process or event proposal process or event planning process. These difference process checklists can be set up as a master list/template. Then you can create a real checklist from the template for, example, planning a camp out and assign the entire thing to one person or each step to a different person.

For registration, you can create the template to include all the documents and the process steps that take place after the documents are complete. You could make it so that you can assign someone when you create the template or when you create the checklist from the template.

When a new family joins, you create a checklist from that template entitled “LAST-NAME” as the title. The documents would all be assigned to a person in the family and then each step would already be assigned to the registrar.

Same thing for planning a campout… Create the template with all the necessary steps and make any assignments that can be made. Create the checklist for Tenderheart camp out and assign the Unit Leader or the Camp Coordinator or some other adult that stepped up for any steps required to plan the camp out.

Does this make sense?

Then you could have a portion of the dashboard showing the family anything needing their attention based on the checklist. You can also create a report based on checklist, task/step, assignment.

Otherwise, I would like to see a User Guide on Checklists because, the way it is now, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Thanks so much!!!


This is an amazing idea and I am going to pursue. Currently I am trying to transition all of our needs into TT (SignUp Genius, Paper Tracking Forms, etc). It’s so much easier for my treasurer to communicate to me when families have paid their dues and fundraiser buyout, etc. electronically and I would love to eliminate any paper trail needs by using TT if possible.