Christmas Break Update

We forgot to mention some updates that were released over the Christmas Break!

  • TL Lite users can move people by clicking and dragging on the Members > Patrols page
  • In a user’s profile, setting a user’s patrol to blank works
  • Deleting custom awards is easier to find: Manage > Settings > Custom Awards
  • Handle “Outside RSVPs” and “RSVP Required” options more clearly for events: use “RSVP from within TroopTrack”, “Handle RSVPs outside TroopTrack”, or “RSVPs not required” instead.
  • The BSA Troop custom report called “Adult Leadership Report” includes results
  • Make it more obvious that the Record Attendance page is also the place for a leader to record RSVPs
  • Add Xfinity Mobile to our list of cell carriers

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! :slight_smile:

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