Filter Attendance by RSVP response (Yes, No, Maybe)


When updating Attendance for a troop event, it would be very helpful if I could filter by RSVP =Yes so that I could check them off without having to scroll through all the Maybes, Nos, and No Responses.

Could you add this to the Filter options:
“RSVP Yes”

Thank you!


Yes please. We now have 61 boys + adults make the list so long.

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This was asked for several years ago, but I’m happy to join in another call to implement this feature. We have over 180+ scouts and adults in our unit so this feature would be a huge welcome.

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I find it slightly annoying that after the event has past the RSVPs disappear. It would be nice to have them there until attendance is updated instead of vanishing.

Having the RSVPs to go off may make the process faster to record attendance. Auto updating attendance to match RSVP and then changing only the few discrepancies vs entering each person individually would be nice.

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