Updating Custom Awards

I love the ability to add custom awards, but there are so many that are active (I assume from other troops?) that we don’t need (lots of ones for 2011 - 2018 years). I have been making them inactive or deleting them but it takes SO long especially when there are so many. It would be great inside of manage to have tick boxes to update more than one at a time. This would include deleting more than one at a time. Is this a possibility?

Hi @AmyByers,

What you are experiencing is indeed a bug that is happening on AHG troop profiles. It started last weekend and our dev team is working on it to find the source. Typically only custom awards that are made by your troop are displayed, but the bug now shows all custom awards of all AHG troops on TroopTrack. I know it is a bit of a hassle to scroll through all the custom awards, but we will get this fixed ASAP. I will update you right away when it is fixed.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.