Clearances & Waivers

I would like to know if I can scan and store waivers/clearances (other than medical) for all adults in the Cub Pack? I can’t find it anywhere. Is that an option?

It is possible to upload files to an individuals Profile on the Files Tab. They would have access and could delete them, but it is possible to upload there. It’s not something you can do in bulk but would have to be each individual. You could upload files via the Share, Pack Documents section and set the permissions to Unit so only people with Unit access would be able to see the files. Not sure on privacy concerns if this is an issue.

Thanks for the input! I was getting ready for summer camp and we have about 4 separate waivers to deal with per adult and I wanted to both a) log in Troop track when they are complete and b) store them in TT. It seems that is not a function built into TT. I thought it would be a standard function so we can remove the paper dependency we have.