Shared documents... public or private?

I can’t find information about this - when I upload a file by the “Share Badge” and then “Pack Documents” – are the files thus uploaded private or public?

I had assumed private, but then I took a link to one of the documents (which looked like this “…”) and pasted it into a browser without my credentials and no auto-logon… and I was able to access the document without having to be logged in to TroopTrack.

Is that the intended functionality? If so, I will have to revise my plans for sharing documents among Pack members and leadership.

Also, what is the purpose of the User field when editing the properties of a shared file? Does this control access somehow, or… what?

Finally… not to be a nitpicker, but just in case it’s a bug, you can no longer open a document as indicated here by clicking on the name. I had to get the link by right-clicking on the “Download” link under the Action button.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi @njmike,

The feature is working at intended. We want people to be able to share those documents around the Troop (hence it being under the Share badge :slight_smile:). Many people want to be able to send the link you found “https://s3-” to other users and allow them to download it without the “hassle” of logging in. They are safe and private within your troop unless you choose to expose the url to someone.

People use this feature in many different ways. Some like to upload documents specific to a user or want people to specify who added the document and that’s why you are allowed to specify a user.

If you have a specific functionality in mind, please don’t hesitate to share it in a new post under the Ideas category.

I will have to go in and update that page of the user guide. Thanks for pointing it out.

Have a nice day!

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I would expect both options, actually.

If I post registration information for the trailer, old rosters (from BSA or our prior website) or invoices about our website hosting, I expect them to be private, at least controlled within the membership of the Pack. The last thing I need is some hacker trolling Amazon’s filesystems, or someone’s gmail inbox, discovering links and following them.

On the other hand, of course, there is value in being able to share files with the public as well. Powerpoint presentations on the Benefits of Scouting, etc. etc.

I suppose I need to make a feature request, now… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy response.

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