Is there a way to move a Cub Scout into the Troop via TroopTrack?

Our Pack is looking at potentially using TroopTrack for their unit management (they’re testing it out now), partly because we in the Troop, Team and Crew all use TroopTrack already so we have one unified system for the entire Scouting program we have. But one thing I can’t seem to find documentation on is how to transfer internal TroopTrack records between the Pack side/account of TroopTrack and the Troop side.

I understand that moving their record to the Troop doesn’t do anything to register the Cub Scout into the Troop once they turn 11 years old, since we have to manually register the Scout with the Council office with the Troop before we can import and export Internet Advancement/TurboNET records to the Council for each Scout. But we were hoping that at least their achievement records, like Cub Scout religious emblems and Arrow of Light, would carry over into TroopTrack internally since those are valid achievement categories in the Troop side even though they were completed before they crossed over.

I could’ve sworn I read some documentation back in the Fall somewhere that talked about how this is done, or maybe I am misremembering, but that would make the transition from Cub Scouts into the Troop much easier records-wise and also for parents. Otherwise we’d have to go over each individual Scout’s records manually- Cubmaster in one chair, looking at the Pack side on their laptop, and Scoutmaster (me) sitting in the other chair, looking at the Troop side, and having to manually pass information from Cub Scouts into the Troop.

Any insight on how this can be done?

Many thanks!

Great question Jared. We want to make this easier in the future than it currently it is, as described here:

~ Dave

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This is exactly what I was looking for!

Unfortunately it’s a situation where they have very old records sitting as ‘inactive’ in their Pack (the boys are 14-15 in many cases) so I’ve had the Scouts in my Troop for years and I’ve been tracking their Troop activity accordingly.

I’ll do a manual recording of info from the Cubmaster on the applicable records for the older boys, but we will definitely be following the instructions you posted for the Cubs crossing over in the next month (and beyond).

Thanks as always, Dave! Sorry to catch you on a Saturday, you deserve ANOTHER vacation! :sweat_smile:

Thanks Jared! Trust me, I’m planning our post-fall-crush trip already!