Closing out IA2.0 Reports created by someone else

I have an open IA2.0 report that is in Open status that was. created by someone else in the past. I have full admin access for our unit. Is there anyway I can change the status to closed?

When I enter the report, I have no option to close

When I enter the report, I do not see the option to close

I would suggest sending a message to, I have had times in the past where the report was closed but showed as open in the interface. Do the awards listed on that report still come up to submit again?

They do not, which I believe is because that report is marked as having been uploaded to IA2.0

I will send that email, thank you

Just know the TT staff is majorly swamped right now and they are down a staff member. It could be a week or two before you get a response. They are doing their best to get through the support requests.