How to force a IA 2.0 Report to Closed

The previous Advancement Chair left several IA 2.0 Reports Open. I don’t see a way to close them. I’ve tried to re-download them, but a new ‘close’ option didn’t appear.

Is there a way to force a report to Closed? The awards all correctly populated IA.


If the awards have been reported to Council then you don’t need to worry about it. TT staff can manually set it to Closed if it bugs you, I am definitely one of those. If they have not been Reported to Council then you can open a new report where they should all show up and then close that one to set the Reported to Council date.

Thanks Aaron. It’s definitely bothering me, so I’ll go the Help Desk route.

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Hi Paul,

I can definitely help. Let @dave know what you are trying to close and we can assist.