Collapsed "Intranet" page listing

Is anyone else unhappy that the intranet list is now collapsed, and to make it worse, is even further collapsed under that??

It takes 3 clicks to do what used to be a 1 click operation… This is really confusing our Scouts as we have a lot of pages that are used frequently by both parents and scouts.

Is there some way to bring back the old behavior where the list of intranet pages was always visible and all items were showing and indented???

Very frustrated long time user.



I thought there was something, but couldn’t find it, so must have been dreaming.

I’m not a fan either. Various users have found it very confusing.


Yes, I hate the new format. I have to give instructions to people repeatedly for how to get to intranet pages. It was much better before without having to use hamburger and drop down menus.

There is a plan to improve the web pages soon. Please keep the ideas coming and if you find others you like support their community posts so I can get things over to the dev team as they make decisions on how to change the web pages.

Please also add the ability to “uncollapse” the HomePage. It is very confusing being forced to expand the menu to get to other sections of the website. New and potential members need a better way to navigate, ie. a sidebar menu.

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There is a plan to have a more modern menu system.