Communication Problems

We’ve made a fix to the Communications Problems page!

Go to Communicate > Communication Problems to see who has been placed on our Spam, Unsubscribe, or Bounce lists. You can also remove them from those lists.

If someone suddenly stops receiving emails from TroopTrack, check this page. They may have accidentally marked us as spam. You can then click the “Remove Spam Report” button, and they will begin receiving emails again.


Oh this makes me so happy!!! This is an issue for our troop and I feel bad nagging you guys several times a month about my parents who accidentally mark TT emails as SPAM!!!


Is there a way to see ‘bounced’ emails when sending through TroopTrack? Meaning, if an email doesn’t go through for other reasons (full mailbox, email address no longer exists, etc).
If not, can you add that?