Not receiving e-mails

I am not receiving e-mail from Troop Track
I have confirmed my address in my profile
I have tried to send e-mail to my address using the “non-member” line and just typing it in
I have turned off all filters on my mailbox
I have checked my spam folder
(I am using AOL)
My wife, who also uses AOL, is getting all the e-mails
any suggestions?

Did you check in the communication problems section of TroopTrack, there may be some information there (for example you may have inadvertently flagged an email from TT as spam?)

From TrooTrack:
Emails and texts not going through?
The most common reasons for members not receiving emails are:

Their email address is not correct
They reported TroopTrack as an email spammer
They unsubscribed from all TroopTrack emails
You can fix all of these problems from this page - just use the buttons in the “Recommended Remedy” column to do that.

Hi @skimatian,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

At some point, you hit the spam button on one of our emails and it put you on a “Do not Send List”.

I took you off the list so you shouldn’t have this problem any more.

Thank you and have a great day! :slight_smile: