Concept of "Active" Ranks in Rank Book FIlters

I really like the Interactive Rank Book.
Complete, Partial and All Status filters are very good.
However, I think there needs to be one more
“Active”, which is a nuanced variation of partial or Not Complete.
For Scouts not yet at 1st Class, who have not completed Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class, all 4 Ranks are Active, in the sense of they are working on them, and all 4 are of interest to ASM’s or Instructors in the sense of what do we need to teach/test. Once they complete Scout, then the remaining 3 are “Active”, etc.

For a 1st Class who has just passed his BOR but has not yet completed 4 months of Participation, 4 months POR or required Merit Badges or Service hours towards Star he currently falls into the limbo land with the current filters.
For Star Rank, he is neither Complete nor Partial (has 0%) , but he is actively working on it.

At that time for him Life and Eagle are both neither complete nor Partial as well but they are not the Active/In Progress rank, and are of lower interest.

One could argue that accruing MB’s towards higher ranks makes those "“Active” as well, but MB’s earned ahead is an incidental thing, not a of similar interest.

Thanks for considering this one.