A report for a specific rank?

“Is there a report I can run to get a list of scouts who haven’t achieved a specified rank? For example, show me those scouts who haven’t achieved the First Class rank (percent complete <> 100%).”

I would recommend checking Manage > Reports > Rank Progress Report or Next Rank Report.

Or you can just go to Achieve > Rank Book, and use the filters to narrow it down.

Here’s an example:

Thanks for posting the question. This is the report in question.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter the report for those scouts who haven’t started a rank (0% complete). There are buttons for Complete (100%), Partial (not 100% and not 0%), and All but no button for Not Completed (0% or not 100%).

A button would be great or being able to click on a column header to sort would be nice also. We need to know who hasn’t completed a certain rank or merit badge.

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